Membership Privileges


​Abenaki does not provide babysitting service, however if you would like to send us a short biography and your contact information, we will put it on the site for you. 


As stated by HRM by-laws, children must be 12 years old on or before July 1st in order to be left unsupervised at the club..  They otherwise must be supervised by an adult or baby sitter.  If supervised by a sibling, that sibling MUST not be in programs without leaving the child the care of another child aged over 12.

Family is defined as a two parents or legal guardians and dependant children 20 years of age and under, living in the same house. A family membership entitles all members of the household to visit the club and use of facilities (beach and recreational swimming) when no lessons are held. Also, use of the recreational canoes in the evenings, weekend and holidays. Please note that this fee does not include paddling or swimming programs.

This membership is open to those 12 or over (by July 1st of current year) and gives the individual an opportunity to enjoy the facilities at Abenaki, including the beach and after hours boating.


Are you a senior 65 years and over who lives in the neighbourhood and would like to enjoy the beach and lake in the evenings and weekends?  Well-  you can!  Just pay your year of birth!  Example- if you were born in 1947, you pay $47.00.  Contact for more information and to sign up!

Each family membership will include 3 day passes.  Each single membership will  include 1 day pass.
These passes will be available at the canteen during the day, and lifeguards during the evening and weekends.   Names of the member as well as name of the visitor must be written on the passes and handed in.   IF A MEMBER CHOOSES TO NOT SIGN IN A VISITOR PROPERLY, ABENAKI IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT VISITOR IN ANY WAY.  THE MEMBER WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR INJURY OR DAMAGE TO PROPERTY AND EQUIPMENT.
Additional day passes can be purchased for $20 for a family or $10 for individual. No visitor shall be permitted more than 7 times per season.  There will be no day passes sold to anyone who is not accompanied by a member. 

Our goal is to give each and every member a wonderful experience at our club where they feel safe and respected.  This should be a fun and exciting summer for everyone!
All children involved in any of our programs will agree to the following rules:

  • Respect property on and off the water.  Deliberately damaging property belonging to Abenaki or another member will result in discipline.
  • Respect Abenaki staff, coaches and lifeguards, and will not engage in confrontational or behavior that may be perceived as bullying or disrespectful.
  • If you are participating in our competitive paddling program, you must understand that like any other competitive sport, you must participate to the best of your ability and respect your teammates.   We want you to have fun and do your best, however you need to take practices seriously and follow direction of your coaches.
  • Understand that part of our competitive paddling program involves dry land training.  This may include running off of Abenaki property under direct or indirect supervision of our coaches, running hills at the club, or other forms of activity on and off Abenaki property. When you are off Abenaki property please refrain from engaging in behaviour that is inappropriate.
  • Understand that behavior deemed rude, inappropriate, or aggressive by our staff and board of directors, may result in an individual or family being expelled from our club.
  • Be aware that we have a 3 strike policy for discipline.  Issues  involving, but not limited to, deliberate damage to property, bullying, blatant disrespect or any type of abuse ( including verbal), will first be dealt with by a verbal warning and a call home, second incident is a suspension, third incident is being banned from returning to the club.  Incidents deemed by our board to be excessive, may result in immediate expulsion from the club.
  • Be aware that if you leave Abenaki property on your own, we are not responsible for your whereabouts or behavior while you are off property.
  • Be respectful of our neighbours.  Families live on Swanton and surrounding streets.  They love to see our athletes training; however they don’t want a new path on their lawns.  Please stay off private property.

Participants are advised that all the equipment used is VERY expensive to purchase and repair.  Club rules are posted and have been devised to limit the abuse that the boats and paddles can suffer.  Strict adherence to these rules shall be followed at all times and those who show deliberate mistreatment of equipment will be dealt with by the club management.

  • PFD's are to be worn by all paddlers 16 and under
  • Before beginning in the competitive program, paddlers must achieve the red cross swim kids 4 or equivalent

All paddlers, regardless of swimming badge, must pass the club swim test before being allowed to go beyond the swim dock

Babysitting - 2019

For posting your information for babysitting opportunities for summer 2019, please email