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Entries for regattas are determined by the coach responsible for each group.  Crew selections will be made using the following criteria:

Coaches, when entering names in the draws for preliminary regattas, will try to enter as many Abenaki paddlers as possible given the skill level of the athlete as well as the logistical limits of the regatta draw itself.

  • Skill Level
  • Similarities of Technique--coaches will select paddlers based on a similarity of style
  • Physical Fitness-Coaches will evaluate paddlers based on observation in training ( ie run times, swim times) and previous regatta results
  • Dedication-- Attendance and practicing what is being taught.
  • Work Ethic-- Paddlers that work the hardest will be selected over those who do not work as hard.  This could mean that a paddler at a lower level of fitness and talent could be chosen over a paddler who doesn't make a satisfactory effort.
  • Team Spirit and Helpfulness-- Paddlers that create a positive atmosphere and are helpful to their coach and teammates will be selected in place of those who create problems for their coaches and teammates.

If the above criteria are similar, than a coach can, but is not obligated to have race-offs to decide team boats.  Coaches are not to be pressured in any way on their crew selection.  Coaches decisions are final.  All complaints should be directed to the Head Coach and Manager.

For more information please visit the Atlantic Division of the CKC at the following web address:  

*Regattas are all day events, with the exception of ATOM U10- you may come and go based on heats and events but we ask a minimum of 45 minutes prior to racing to be at the lake letting your coach know you have arrived. We have run early and later based on heats in the day so there is no guarantee that the time listed on the draw will be exact. We do not want a team boat missing a race, or a paddler missing an opportunity to race as the division  will not wait for paddlers.

* Please ensure lots of healthy food, water, your Singlet/Headband and Lifejacket as well as a change of clothes as we are outdoors and compete rain or shine (with exception of thunder and lightning). Enjoy the day’s events and cheer on your team mates!